[EN][IT] Book of Sand – Anarchist Occult Propaganda

It came out in 2016 but we don’t care about being on time with shit, so here is the review for Book of Sand’s masterpiece: Anarchist Occult Propaganda. È uscito nel 2016 ma siccome non ci importa di essere in orario con le scadenze, ecco la recensione del capolavoro di Book of Sand: Anarchist Occult […]

[EN][IT] “The more fascist tendencies rise in black metal, the more the flame goes out” – Impavida

We are happy to share some words with God Killing Himself, one of the two people behind Impavida, a trans-continental black metal act from Germany and USA, who gently answered our call.  Siamo liet di condividere alcune parole con God Killing Himself, una delle due persone dietro agli Impavida, un progetto black metal transcontinentale dalla Germania e […]

[EN][IT] “Nothing is more kvlt than taking things seriously in this scene” – Etxegiña

We asked a few questions to Etxegiña, a collective based in France/Spain who came out last year with the track “Nosotros los Etxegiña”. Abbiamo posto qualche domanda a Extegiña, un percorso politico e musicale che si trova tra Francia e Spagna e che l’anno scorso ha pubblicato il brano “Nosotros los Etxegiña”.

[EN] Behind Operation Volkstod: about ideas and history

The Anarchist Black Metal band „Operation Volkstod“ from Frankfurt released in November their first full-length album. The picture on the cover shows a human tied to a swastika, beneath it the title: „anti-fascist black metal“. The band broaches the issues of domination, oppression and the miserable conditions under which people have to live. To create […]