[EN] Semirutarum – Black Metal Zine – Opus 0

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Semirutarum Urbium Cadavera is a collective born from the need of taking a radical political stance inside the black metal universe, (and not only) in contraposition to the more and more normalised nazi-fascist, homobilesbotransphobe, sexist and ableist presences siegeing it. Throughout the years, in fact, inside the ontologically conservative realm of metal, black metal managed to do its worst, pampering its most reactionary individuals and permitting a deeper nazi infiltration: with the justification of presenting itself as “evil incarnated”, on the contrary black metal placed itself on tamed and bigoted positions, completely compatible with the boring and pacified existent.

However, for a few years, a new scene came out from the mud. A new wave of bands, collectives and revolutionaries started being conscious of their strength and will not to hang back while the nazi-cosplayers, despite producing nothing significant, were managing to ruin the chance to enjoy music in free forms, self-determined and accessible. This is how, one way or another, red and anarchist black metal, or RABM, was born and formalised.

Since we enjoy the genre, we decided to act collectively to promote this new wave of antifascist black metal, so that it revolutionises and messes up our way of seeing, living and conceiving our scene. We want spaces that can conflict with the existing, we want to participate in gigs in opposition to the market logic which determines our lives and minds, we want our music to shout the rage of oppressed people and we want RABM to prosper as weed between the concrete cracks of this society.

And now, as Semirutarum Urbium Cadavera, we decided to also present ourselves in paper form to share the contents already available for free on our blog. Thus Semirutarum, Black Metal Zine, is born.

Mockup Semirutarum 0
Opus 0

The zine can be downloaded from the download page!

Physical copies are available for 2€ each, plus expedition.

  • A5 format
  • Black and white
  • 20 pages
  • stapled
  • 2 euro each + expedition costs

If you want one or more copies, write to us at our email address: semirutarumurbiumcadavera at gmail dot com