[IT-EN-ES] Nigra Sono: a conversation with A Plague

///EN The comrades at Nigra Sono, anarchist and antifascist podcast, interviewed Al, mastermind behind “A Plague“, black metal project from São Paulo, Brazil. As we are trying to strenghten the international RABM network we are happy to host this interview and to translate it to Italian, deepening the cooperation with Nigra Sono. ///IT I/le compa …

[EN – IT – ES] The Brasilian Antifascist Underground Black Metal pt.1

Today we introduce the first part of an overview of the Brasilian antifascist underground Black Metal scene. Oggi introduciamo la prima parte di un’anteprima sulla scena black metal antifascista underground brasiliana. Hoy hacemos presentamos la primera parte de una reseña a la escena underground brasileña del black metal antifascista.