We collected some suggestions for Depressive Suicidal Black Metal made by antifascists, so when you think about death, it can be the death of the enemies of the working class instead of yours.

Check them out!

  • ColdWorld: one man band from Leipzig (Germany). Georg Börner, the man behind it, also plays in Sangre de Muerdago which is a leftwing folk band featuring Pablo C. Ursusson who played in famous Spanish crust punk acts Cop on Fire, Ekkaia and…
  • Antlers: unfortunately split up DSBM german band featuring the same Pablo mentioned above. They played in Milan at a benefit gig organized by the Italian members of TDSAU
  • Delaying the Inevitable: I mean, check the mf artwork for Unlovable . DSBM from the USA
  • Gulag: hailing from Brasil, great anarchist depressive black
  • Gudsforladt: antifascist black metal from the heart of the empire.
  • Suicide Wraith: DSBM band by members of Gaylord and Olivia Neutered John
  • In Flagrante Delicto: suicidal/shoegaze black metal band from Athens, Greece. Now disbanded unfortunately. Inspired by antifa/antisexist themes and diy ethics
  • Grat Strigoi: anti-nazi, anti-fascist and anti alt-right DSBM from Scotland