We spoke with someone from the northern part of America and this is what came out.

These words came out from someone who plays in a black metal band. And actively listen to it, mostly low-fi or raw black metal. Of course, like us, this person  dislikes the presence of any form of fascism it any music. Especially in bm. This person doesn’t  listen to or support any nazi music and doesn’t care if the music is great and they also don’t support them with money or time.

Fortunately an underground black metal scene that want to deal with punk tries to appear in these territories but the city has changed. There used to be incredible shows all the time.  But the city has declined as the influx of idiots keep moving here and gentrifying everything you see. There is insane process of building going on. It’s sad. Many of the rad folks have moved to the edges of town or just left. There doesn’t seem to be community’s like there used to be.

The problem of fascism is present and there are the Proud Boys. They really suck. People from there are unaware of any potential shows involving them and don’t think that would go over well here. But time is precious and they don’t pay attention to them or give them any support.

The person that spoke with us is currently involved in 4 projects. SBTDOH. Behemothic. Hexenight & Noise Drone Mass. the first is an harsh noise project. They truly love just playing alone in their room. Or making tapes of it. And they love playing live their songs too. They are fascinated with making the rumble shake things. They love using samples and other aspects to make every tape and performance different. Behemothic is their newer raw black metal band. It’s a 2 piece. It’s reunited them with an old friend and they just played our first show last month in Eugene. Hexenight is another 2 piece he is in that is black metal mixed with industrial. Noise drone and forms of hip hop. It’s very engaging for them and they are very proud of the multiple releases they have put out over the last year.

They cannot believe how far our cassette tapes have gone.